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Namesco Ltd ( provides professional online services for individuals and businesses including domain name registration, web hosting, website building tools, email services, ecommerce solutions and a range of managed and unmanaged servers.

Kevin Clausen mentioned, "Don't even bother! It was a terrible experience to work with Namesco. The call center doesn't answer. They don't reply to emails. The took the money yet didn't register the domain. Right after purchase we couldn't log in to our account. Password renewal doesn't work.Even the 90's brothels had better service than this company. Just stay away..."


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"When the previous owners/directors were in charge it was the best place in the world to work. We were a team and a family. Things changed rapidly after they left and for the staff conditions became unbearable. I saw many excellent staff get fired because they cared about their customers and wanted to make suggestions on how a small change could make the customer's experience better. If you make a suggestion about an improvement it will taken as a personal attack on the management team and directors. Too many office politics Too many people wanting to stab you in the back They see staff a usable commodity that can be easily replaced....the plenty more fish in the sea theory."


"Tons of office politics. No prospects for promotion. Lack of career paths. Culture of brown nosing in middle managment. Most staff unambitious and happy to spend the day socialising on Skype text chat. Felt a bit like being back at school. Very cliquee groups who don't accept new starters easily. Generally slow sleepy company that is just ticking over and going nowhere."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"People get promotions through who they know not what they know or what skills they have. There is bullying and favouritism by upper management, can see in other reviews people have said the same thing because it’s true. Some odd business decisions are made and sales teams refund and then resell packages to boost their statistics. Would be surprised if they’re around in 10 years time."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Where to start.. Bullying happens by upper management and is NOT dealt with at all. Back stabbing is constant. You can't trust a lot of staff there they will screw you over to get a promotion. Promises of promotion across the board that never happen. Low salary. Not rewarding hard working employees."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Skill at office politics is more valued than the ability to do your job. Chaotic management and lack of direction, decisions made with no consultation of stakeholders and multiple barriers placed in the way to prevent people doing their jobs. The company has a culture of unambitious people who have always has the same job with the same people and will not allow new people to really integrate and thrive."

Current Employee - Call Center Employee says

"Salary: Names seems to lack the desire to invest in any of its larger workforce. Wages can only be changed as part of annual reviews which are heavily skewed to score averages. 1: Meets demands in cetain areas, development needed. 2: Satifactory performance with room to improve 3: Satifactory performance at all times. 4: Above satisfactory performance. 5: Outstanding performance at all times. I have been told its considered impossible by management to ever be scored a 5. This has the result of very little salary progression unless you change roles & can result in hardworking staff getting demoralised. Names also seem to be behind regarding inflation and living costs, regularly giving a very small bonus instead of yearly wage rises to rise with inflation. When company wages are looked at they have the tendancy to be the minimum (1% accross the board) for most. Incentives: Something Namesco use regularly to pacify people are the incentives they offer to certain teams on the floor. These can be small targets which in turn earn someone sweets, chocolate or trivial gifts while others get amazon vouchers. This in itself is flawed as this is only for cetain teams and causes some irratation in the grand scope of operations. Meaning people get "extras" just for doing their job. Where others get nothing. This inconsintancy can be seen in other areas also. Some teams bosting massive paid dinners for members and others getting some cold buffet food or even nothing. Management: General team leaders and call center managers unfortunately need improvement. The word "clicky" comes to mind. I have been witness to nasty comments about employees in teams, back stabbing and general workplace drama. If you get on the wrong side of these "clicks" they could make your life difficult and your performance will be subject to this pointed scrutiny. Career Progression: Due to the above points moving into a higher role can be very much as case of "who you know" not "what you know". Some people having interviews others just "inheriting" a role instead. Limit vertical movement is a issue for long term staff. Often people opt to leave for greener pastures due to lack of opportunity."

Current Employee - NOC Support says

"CEO seems to bully those around him Company structure is violated at will by sales when they want something Poor decision making when stakeholders are not consulted Poor career path" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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